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    Wireless Profile Synchronization for Intel AMT/ME on Windows 10 ?


      Hello People,


      lately I have experimented and learn a lot about my vPro enabled system, and I successfully operated remote KVM capability between a Windows 7 laptop with Wired & Wireless profile, and a Windows 10 desktop with the default Wired profile.


      But here is the thing: it appears that both my laptop and my desktop computers have a Wifi connection using the Intel 8260.


      On the Windows 7, the full/real PROSet utility allows me to synchronize the Wifi profile as shown below:


      Intel Wifi Profile Synchronization AMT-ME.png


      However, on Windows 10, here how looks like the Intel PROSet/Wireless utility:


      Intel Wifi PROSet Windows 10.png


      this is it.


      I don't see any option to synchronize the Wifi profile with AMT.


      So I tried to do my homework and review as much doc on intel and google as I can find, but it seems none is complaining about any PROset limitation on Windows 10 related to AMT usage.


      So allow me to ask simply: What am I missing here ?


      how to synchronize a Wifi profile with AMT on a Windows 10 machine ?


      Please advise.


      Thanks very much in advance for your assistance.