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    Internal USB 2.0 headers


      Quick question on the internal USB's...


      I am talking about the ones that under BIOS are implied to be USB 3 but which are actually USB 2.0 (and which have no visible port for from the outside of the NUC). 

      The documentation I can find https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/boardsandkits/NUC7i3BN_TechProdSpec.pdf does not go into much detail..


      Do they run on their own bus or share the same bus with one another (or with other peripherals)?   


      Also, where's the fuse, or has anyone here managed to replace one of the fuses? 

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          Thank you very much for joining the Intel® NUC communities.
          In order to answer your question, I will do further research o this matter, as soon as I get any information I will post all the details on this thread.
          Any further questions, please let me know.

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            The USB port arrangement is as follows:

            USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port implemented via the external back panel USB Type-C connector (maximum current is 3A):

            USB 3.0 ports (maximum current is 900 mA for each blue port, 1.5 A for the orange charging port):

                 ― Two ports are implemented with external front panel connectors (one blue and one orange charging capable)

                 ― Two ports are implemented with external back panel connectors (blue)

            USB 2.0 ports (maximum current is 500 mA for each port of the white header (1 A total):

                 ― Two ports via two single-port internal 1x4 1.25 mm pitch headers (white)

                 ― One port is reserved for the M.2 2230 Wireless module All the USB ports are high-speed, full-speed, and low-speed capable


            This is for the internal (and yes, it is shared):



            I hope this helps, and as for the fuses, can you please provide more details about it?



            Ronny G

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              Regarding the fuse, I was just curious if it was easily replaced, but was more curious than anything.  (You posted a pic of it... "The +5V DC power on the USB header is fused.").  Unimportant though. 


              I was trying to get Qubes OS running on it and was having trouble with the USB ports so I was hoping for a separate bus that I could just use keyboard/mouse on with relative ease, but I'll hurdle through with the single bus. It's a journey I was going to have to make at some point anyway. 


              Thanks so much!