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    intel driver update fails to update the automatically installed drivers for nuc6i7kyk (Skull Canyon) on Windows 10




      I've just purchased a Skull Canyon nuc (nuc6i7kyk) and I've installed Windows 10 on it.

      All drivers needed were automatically installed by Windows from Windows update.

      There are no unrecognized devices in device manager and the nuc is working well.


      Next I've installed Intel driver update utility and I've scanned the nuc for new drivers.

      It found several new drivers and I've tried to install them but when I've scanned the computer again after reboot, I've found the same old drivers installed.

      The new drivers refuse to install!


      What can I do to solve this ?

      Among them are the Thunderbolt and the chipset drivers.


      Attached are screen captures of the drivers scan result.



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