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    Which keyboards and hubs are working in BIOS of nuc6i7kyk (Skull Canyon) ?




      I've recently purchased a Skull Canyon NUC and found out my USB multimedia keyboard does not work with it when no operating system is loaded.

      I've borrowed a USB 2 hub and a USB keyboard to try and the borrowed keyboard and my mouse were detected by BIOS when connected by the hub to the nuc. Good news as I plan to waste at most 1 USB port for keyboard and mouse as the nuc has very few usb ports and I have many USB peripherals.


      Now I need to buy another keyboard and a hub but I cannot tell before trying if they would be recognised by the bios.


      Is there a way to know which hubs and keyboards are working in BIOS without trying them ?


      My multimedia keyboard is a USB composite device with keyboard, mouse and multimedia buttons. I've used it for 10 years without any issues with a 10 year old computer. It works in my old computer BIOS. It also worked 2 times with the nuc, which is strange.


      Thank you.