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    Mint (Linux) on Skull Canyon NUC6I7KYK


      I have installed Mint 18.1 KDE on my Skull Canyon NUC6I7KYK.


      Now have downloaded from https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads  the Intel Grafics Update tool for Linux v 2.0.4.

      When I run it the installer says unsupported distribution. I wonder why this is the case?

      Because Ubuntu is based on Debian, and Mint is also based on Debian.


      I do run the NUC with 4K resolution via mini displayport. When I do NOT install the Intel driver, then I experience periodic

      "blanc display" for a few seconds; and then it comes back again. Like this I cannot work on the NUC.


      I am myself a programmer, and I do find the sourcecode to complile the drivers quite difficult to use. Why didnÄ't Intel

      provide a simple bash script that installs all the required packages that are necessary to compile it