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    Having issues installing RST on X79 platform


      Hello everyone,


      I am having issues installing Intel RST on my computer.


      I have the OS installed on a large 4 TB HDD, and aside from that I have bought a separate 32GB SSD to use it as the HDD's cache.


      Here is my setup :

      OS : Windows 10 Pro

      Motherboard : Asus X79 Rampage IV Gene (with last BIOS version)

      CPU : Intel Core i7 3930K

      SATA Mode : RAID

      CSM : Enabled (I read it is necessary)


      The RST SSD caching technology is supposed to be supported on X79 boards.


      Yet, when I try to install it, I get this message : "unsupported platform" with all the versions of RST on Intel's download center.

      Except for version which tells me it needs Microsoft .Net framework 4.5 (even though I have a more recent version of .Net on my computer obiously)...


      How can I get this software to work please?

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          Hello again,


          Apparently my installing problem was due to Intel not making their install file compatible with Windows 10.

          I had to install 7-zip, extract the .exe file and launch the .msi file in "previous Windows version" compatibility mode.


          Still, Intel RST software would not show me the "accelerate" option...


          So here I am, trying the F6 method to install the drivers during Windows 10 installation.


          I'll keep this thread posted with what I try.

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            Okay so I finally found out how to make this damn software work.


            Here are the steps :

            1) Set SATA to RAID Mode in the BIOS

            2) Disactivate CSM in the BIOS

            3) Install Windows (be careful, if you are installing Windows on an HDD larger than 2 TB you have to convert it to GPT)

            4) Download Intel RST from the Intel Download Center. For my Asus X79 Rampage IV Gene motherboard I had to download the version , more recent ones would not work. Télécharger Technologie de stockage Intel® Rapid . You need to download both the drivers and the .exe

            5) Install the drivers first : extract the files and right click + "install" the two .inf files. This might need your system to reboot.

            6) Install 7-zip : http://www.7-zip.org/download.html

            7) Right click on the SetupRST.exe file and use 7Zip to extract it.

            8) Within the extracted files, find the MSI file corresponding to your system (x64 for 64 bit, x86 for 32 bit) and right click it and go to properties. Activate the compatibility mode for "previous Windows version". Apply and close the properties.

            9) Launch the file you just edited and you should be good to go.


            Really Intel, why did you make it so complicated?!

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              Intel Corporation
              This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

              Hello oscar7601,

              Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

              I am glad to hear you were able to install the Intel® IRST to use the Intel® Smart Response Technology (SSD caching).

              There are however some considerations:

              To use the feature you may install the OS using RAID as SATA Mode and if the drives are over 2.2 TB you may initialize them as GPT.

              Then you followed the right process to take advantage of the Intel® IRST.

              Please don't hesitate in contacting us back if you need further assistance.