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    NVMe 750 "No Results" when running isdct from Administrator Cmd prompt


      I am running a fresh boot of 8.1 with DataCenterTool 3.0.3

      • Definitely running from the Admin CMD prompt
      • 8.1 on a SATA SSD; 750 NVMe is a separate volume "E"
      • 8.1 sees the 750 (I ran Format on it)
      • Intel SSD Toolbox sees the drive (drivers up to date, passes short test)
      • No results


      This is probably a red herring, but when I first brought the system up the 750 was recognized by isdct. I realized at that point that I had inadvertently installed 8.1 on the 750 as the SATA SSD had become hidden for some reason. Of course isdct wouldn't let me reformat the boot volume. I went back and reinstalled 8.1 on the SSD, reloaded the tools and now isdct returns "No Results".