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    Possible Intel HD Graphics 515 issues


      Hello all,


      I am currently having an issue and I believe it has something to do with the graphics card driver. I am running windows 10 on a Lenovo Yoga 710 and as stated above the graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 515. The issues that I am running into is when opening specific applications the window tends to "hang", white or black screen. I had created a very simple javafx GUI for a class which is when I started noticing this issue. Then I found that programs such as DNScrypt did something similar. The GUI was working last week but now will now only "hang", also to note that it works on other pc's. I had uninstalled and reinstalled the application but this did not fix the problem. After doing some research and asking around I was informed it could be a driver update that's not compatible with some versions of software. I downloaded the Intel Driver Update Utility several times from the Intel website and when opening the application, all I am shown is a white screen with a title.  On 4/18 I rolled back the driver, which the java GUI was still hanging but the Intel Driver Update Utility was showing the entire page. I attempted to open the utility again on 4/19 and the update utility returned to the white screen. I went and chose to roll back again and the utility program still wasn't working. Windows 10, Graphics Driver and several other updates have been installed and checked prior to writing this. I have not manually uninstalled/reinstalled the driver or installed an older version of the driver. I may be reading the wrong information but I believe my driver version is, updated, and while searching the windows 10 32 bit available driver downloads, the only drivers being displayed are for version 15.40.XX.XX.  Would installing one of these drivers be advised as an attempt to fix the situation? Any other idea's I could try or is this a wait and see if an update comes along? I have attached images from direct-x diagnostic tool that may help. Thank you for your help!