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    Rendering device has been lost: Application closing. Overwatch game!


      I am having this error repeatedly occur to me and blizzard advised me that I need to contact intel for help with this. The following is what I was told regarding the constant crashes:


      >After taking a look at your MSINFO and DXDIAG, this is associated with a known Windows Intel video driver bug. In your MSINFO you are constantly getting Live Kernel Events associated with your intel video drivers. These errors are related to igdkmd64.sys crashing. This would cause your computer to stop recognizing your video processor.


      I found this old thread. I went to device manager, uninstalled the intel drivers, and reinstalled it from Lenovo's website for my own laptop model (Y40-80). This did not resolve the issue. Also what may be worth mentioning is that even though I uninstalled drivers through device manager, when I opened the drivers package it said "there is still a recent version installed, do you want to install anyway?" I suspect that the way I uninstalled the drivers was not very complete. Yes I did restart after uninstalling.


      Would appreciate advice very much. Thanks!