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    Graphics driver on STCK1A32WFC - Windows 10


      I can see a few posts about similar things, but the suggestion to use the Windows 10 update utility to solve the issue hasn't worked for me.


      As others have, I went to the Intel website, to the STCK1A32WFC support page, downloaded the latest driver (GFX_Win8.1_10_32_15.33.42.4358) for Windows 10 - 32bit and tried installing and got the error that "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software".


      I've tried resetting the computestick back to factory defaults and tried starting again, but it's still the same.    The display adaptor section in Device manager doesn't even show up.    I can go to the display adaptor section via the control panel (display adaptor properties) and it just reports as Microsoft Basic display driver.


      There are no Windows updates available as the machine is totally up to date.......... so bloody confused as to where to from here !    Would be easier if Intel just had a display driver that would install properly as normal.....

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