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    NUC7i3BNH some doubts about graphic


      I have 2 doubts/problems :


      1 - going in the control panel of Intel HD Graphics I see that my TV is recognized OK as samsung and set to 1920x1080 as resolution; but it necessary to set-up custom dimension (with slide set to 65 in vertical and orrizzontal) in order to have all the desktop and icone well visible; with other options a good part of the video board is lost.
      Is this normal?


      2 - The following may be, most likely, a problem of Kody
      The system have many frequencies that may be set. I use Kodi that is able to change, and theoretically, set the correct frequency in accordance with the material to be displayed.
      Now when you have a video with 23,97.....HZ frequency the best will be use 24p. But Kodi instead will use 23 and these choice give some flicker. Someone knows a solution for this?


      Thanks in advance