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    BMC is in FW Transfer Mode


      I was trying to update the BIOS on my S3210SH.  I was using the latest build of flashupdt for Windows and I downloaded the latest firmware from the website.  The release info is:
      BIOS   : S3200X38.86B.00.00.0049   Build Date :  Jun 16, 2009
      BMC    : 35
      FRUSDR : 14


      After doing flashupdt -u flashupdt.cfg I was prompted to select my chassis type and a few options about the fans.  After this the program exited with no error code.  I tried doing flashupdt -i to see if the update was applied but I get an error "BMC is in FW Transfer Mode".  The system boots fine, but even after a cold boot I get the same error.  I have jumper J1B1 (BMC FRC) on pins 2&3 and it still won't update.


      How do I get this error to go away and then get the BIOS updated?

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          I've seen that happen with certain backplanes or add-in cards.  Try disconnecting all peripherals, then the BMC should be able to complete fine

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            I don't have any drive backplanes, and I pulled all of the cards from the slots, but that didn't help.  Thank you for your suggestion though.  I appreciate the help.


            I actually posted my problem twice by mistake and I have another question open for the same problem.  I didn't realize the moderators might take so long to approve the post and I thought something went wrong, so I submitted it again.  The other question is "S3210SHLC BIOS Update Problem".

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              unfortunately I have got the same error message with an S5000XVN-board.

              I previously was trying to do the update via a dos boot stick, getting "error 005".

              Funnily enough this 005-error also pointed to some additional management interfaces - that I do not have.


              Also no other add-in-cards - not even video (connected remotely to the system).


              Any help would be very very appreciated...




              So long,


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                Ciao, ho il tuo stesso problema, hai poi risolto?


                Hello, I have the same problem, have You solved?



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                  Hello giginhq,


                  the board was exchanged with a brandnew one meanwhile by my seller.

                  There was no way to fix the issue with the previous board.


                  Good luck