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    ioc agent windows log errors



      i have an intel i7 7700 on  a clevo laptop.

      i keep getting these errors in the windows log thingy, coming from the intel ioc agent


      2017-04-19 10:58:02,269 [40] ERROR ProviderManager.SecurepayBcaProvisioner - Exception during BCA-SGX provisioning

      System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException (0x80004005): Eccezione lanciata da un componente esterno.

         in Intel.Pabe.Factor.SgxProvider.AbortProvision(SgxProvider* , UInt32 )

         in BCAXInterface.SgxProvider.Provision(String provisionUrl, String providerUrl)

         in ProviderManager.SecurepayBcaProvisioner.<>c__DisplayClass16_0.<StartProvisioningAsync>b__0()


      is all this normal? the machine is working fine though



      My drivers are already up to date for intel chipset and for intel ME


      thank you for your help

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello crushy888,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          Try running Windows® update and have all the update available installed, make sure you have the latest chipset driver, Intel® management engine driver and also a BIOS update from your motherboard manufacturer website.
          I saw similar issue at the following link:
          I see that one customer uninstalled the Intel Online Connect software component that is getting installed with the Intel Management Engine and that solved the issue.
          Best regards,

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            everything is up to date, even latest windows creator update. in my original post i stated the version of my current drivers intel

            the pc is brand new as well ( 4 weeks old)

            I did try to unistall it from control panel but then widows just reinstalled an other one.. that customer refers to a previous verison of mangement engime.. and i don't want to do downgrades.. i wonder if these errors are normal


            ty for your help

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              Intel Corporation
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              This error can appear for many reasons, if it is an error most likely is because something is causing it to happen and something might not be working fine in your system but it is hard to tell what can be causing this error. At this point I would suggest contacting you computer manufacture for further support and for the latest BIOS, drivers and applications update, they are more familiar with your system and how all this components interact with each other.
              Best regards,