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    Intel SSD 520 120GB dissapearing from BIOS.


      Problem 1st time noticed around 4 months ago, while my SSD was running without any problems for last 2 years. Now everytime I turn my PC on there is a solid chance it wont recognize Intel SSD. No idea what helps, but I lately disconnect all the cords, open my case, change sata cables and then there is a chance to start (it's bootable).

      I also noticed it probably causes PC to hang sometimes for around 3-5 seconds before BIOS screen, when my HDD's are also plugged they start to spin only after that time and only then BIOS screen pops up. This time is not related to whether these HDD's connected or not. Intel SSD alone sometimes "waits" that seconds, sometimes not.

      Please help, I dont know what to do.


      Win7 Home Basic Sp1

      Gigabyte GA-P55-US3L

      I also run 2 other HDD (WD and Samsung) that are always recognized.