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    IRST: RAID 1 dramatically diminishes SSD performance


      I'm using a top notch workstation desktop machine (ASUS X99 WS/E mainboard) with one system SSD (Samsung 850 Pro), two data SSDs (Samsung 850 Pro) and two archive HDDs (Western Digital). Both "twins" are joined in RAID 1 clusters each (i.e. "Data", "Archive") for maximum failure safety.


      The SSD performance of the two SSDs attached to the IRST "Data" RAID 1 is very poor.


      Compared to the non-RAID system SSD, read/write operations on the RAID 1 SSD cluster take about up to 30 times longer!!


      C-drive.png  D-drive.png


      I would have expected that, even when using Write-through cache mode, read/write performance would be at least the same (if not even better) on read operations and only slightly worse on write operations (the write operations should perform in parallel, hence the drives' write acknowledgements should be signalled almost synchronously).


      Intel: Please improve SSD RAID 1 performance drastically in IRST firmware in order to address modern hardware scenarios.


      The current lack of SATA performance delivered by IRST is ludicrous!