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    HD4500 + Windows 2003 x86 PAE /3GB error


      I have a problem with drivers for video adapter Intel G41 express chipset (GMA4500).

      Computer has 8GB RAM and 2GB limit for one process. Video RAM shared, 128MB max.

      Driver worked with /PAE OS option (1920*1080 px, 32bpp mode).

      But if I add string /3GB in boot.ini and reboot, driver reset into 640*480*4bpp resolution, I cannot change it.


      I think, this is "dummy" error like in Windows XP x86 + 2GB RAM

      "LargeSystemCache"=dword:00000001 call only VGA mode.


      How can I get 3GB to one process?

      Windows 6+ and x64 OS is too slow and incompatible with my old peripheral hardware.