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    is Creative BlasterX Senz3D Camera  compatible with SDK ?


      Hi Guys,


      I recently purchased one Creative BlasterX Senz3D Camera, thinking that it should be compatible with SR300 SDK... But I could not manage to make it work ... ( VF0810 is the model number )


      is Creative BlasterX Senz3D Camera  compatible with SR300 SDK ?


      Thank you for your comments/replies !




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          The Creative BlasterX is a re-branded SR300, so it should be compatible with the SDK, in the same way that a Razer Stargazer camera is.  Could you provide more details about the problems you are having please, and some details about your computer (such as the name of its processor, like 'Core i5 6500U').


          The first question I would ask is whether your PC has recently installed the Windows Creators Update.  SR300 type cameras have been having problems with that build of Windows.


          Workaround 1 for Windows* 10 Creators Update Builds 15063 Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver

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            Hi Marty,


            My laptop is i7 Win64 Bit..and yes unfortunately I recently upgraded to Creators...


            However, as I already know that SR300 series facing problems with W10 Creators Update, I tried to install the SDK on another Windows 10 64 Bit i7 Desktop computer w/o Creators Update...


            I installed DCM...SDK... and also the Creative Driver Pack which I downloaded from Creative's website...


            The camera is NOT RECOGNIZED at all neither on the Device Manager populated list of devices nor on the SDK Brower / Camera Applications...


            BlasterX ( creative application ) keeps warning about using the CAMERA on a USB3.0 port..BUT MY PORT SARE ALREADY USB 3.0....


            At the moment I am totally stuck..as my laptop is not working due to Creators Update ( which I can not roll back because the foolish Recovery did not create a Rollback Point )...and the desktop PC did not recognized the camera at all..


            My clock is ticking fast as I need to deploy an application which uses SR300 as the major device to detect the facial features...


            Thank you for your supports...




            P.s: I purchased 10 pcs of BlasterX cameras...all of them VK0810 and I really hope  that they will work flowlessly with the SDK as I counted on the confirmation of CREATIVE LABS saying that they are compatible with INTEL REALSENSE SDK :


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              The SR300 requires at least a 6th generation Skylake processor.  I cannot tell from your description of the laptop's processor if it is 6th gen or newer.


              However, if the camera is not being detected at all then the problem is much more likely to be with the USB ports on your machines not supplying the camera with enough power.  In most cases, detection failure can be fixed immediately by plugging the camera into a mains-powered USB 3.0 hub instead of plugging it directly into the PC's USB port.  Mains powered hubs can be purchased from stores such as Amazon for about $15 by searching for 'powered usb 3.0 hub'.