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    4th Generation and Windows Creators Update


      Ive been having graphical issues since the Creators Update, mainly eratic horizontal colored lines flickering. Its not all the time and goes away and then for no apparent reason it returns. I was on the current 4th generation driver at the time, I decided to uninstall and went back to, which was fine but got some weird white/grey screen during boot up right before lock screen shows up. Then I got the weird flickering again and decided to uninstall and see what Windows would reinstall in its place, turns out it was, I do show I had that download back May of last year. I'm curious if there is specific issues related to the Creators Update that could be causing this and what if any is the best driver I should be using? Maybe the current one, but it seems kinda old.

      Lenovo Flex 2-15 Intel i5 4210u HD4400.


      Thank you