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    HP branded S3700 SSD and Intel SSD Toolbox missing SMART values




      I'm the owner of a genuine Intel S3700 800GB SSD (INTEL SSDSC2BA800G3) and I'm very happy with it.


      Now I got my hands on a HP branded S3700 800GB SSD (MK0800GCTZB). The issue I have is that for the HP branded one Intel SSD Toolbox does NOT report SMART E1 (Host writes), nor E9 (Media Wearout Indicator), nor F1 (Total LBAs Written).


      Could somebody perhaps explain why these values are missing?


      I found this thread https://communities.intel.com/message/236417 and want to second that I would really appreciate if it would be possible to load a genuine Intel firmware on OEM branded SSDs.


      Thank you