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    Razer Stargazer is based on a SR300.  Can not install drivers anymore


      I have a Razer Stargazer which is basically a SR300.   Razer's website pointed me to https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25044/Intel-RealSense-Depth-Camera-Manager?product=92329 to get the latest drivers for  the camera and get Windows Hello running I installed them several times and now am getting an error when I try to install that I have installed it to many times will errors out of the install.   I have had problems with the machine locking up and appears to be a power problem.  I have been trying all kinds of things and can not get the camera to work reliably and Razers support sucks.  What is the deal with Intel limiting the number of times you can install the driver.. It looks like it is trying to update the firmware and Intel won't allow it.  Where can I get some help?




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          Yes, the Razer Stargazer is similar enough to the SR300 that Razer recommend that you use Intel's own SR300 drivers instead of Razer supplying their own drivers.


          If your PC meets the minimum requirements for the SR300 (Windows 10, USB 3.0 and a 6th generation Skylake processor or newer) then possible causes of your problems could include:


          (a)  You have installed the new Windows 10 Creators Update on your PC.  This update causes problems with the depth component of the SR300.  A fix for the problem is currently being investigated.


          or (b) your camera is not being detected properly because the USB ports of your PC are not reliably supplying the camera with enough power.  This is a common issue, and one that can often be solved by plugging the camera into a mains-powered USB port instead of directly into the PC's USB port.  A powered hub can be purchased from stores such as Amazon for around $15 by searching for 'powered usb 3.0 hub'.


          Regarding the install limit, the following text is taken from Section 5.1.1 of the SR300 data sheet document.


          "The firmware update engine does not allow infinite update cycles between older and current versions of firmware. The engine will establish a baseline version of firmware based on the latest firmware version installed. The engine will allow a return to a previous version or baseline version of firmware up to 20 times. After the 20th update, the engine will only allow an update to a firmware revision higher than the baseline version."


          What this is basically saying is that once 20 attempts have been made, you can only install a firmware with a version number that is newer than the last version that you successfully installed (the 'baseline' version), and you cannot install firmwares that are earlier than that last successfully installed version.


          Intel support staff member Jose P said recently about the limit: "The 20 time FW downgrade limit is meant to prevent accidental or purposeful functional degradation of the camera. This has important security implications as well.  A perfect example is Windows Hello functionality. The FW that comes with DCM 3.0 is not Windows Hello Certified. Microsoft does not allow DCM 3.0 on Windows Hello PCs with SR300 camera. Only DCM 3.1 and above is allowed. With each successive DCM and FW version, new functionality is added, bugs are fixed, etc."


          "It is not in the best interest of consumers, and application developers, to have a bunch of RealSense PCs out in the market with older FW and drivers that do not function as well or are not as secure as PCs with current FW and drivers.  In short, the FW update limit is necessary for the consumer usage of the cameras, which, after all, continues to be the main usage of the camera".

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            I appreciate the update... I hope the anniversary fix comes out soon.   I was able to get the camera work in at least the hello mode by install the SDK 2.0 version and then installing the drivers.   I will move the camera to a powered USB 3.0 hub of which I have.  Is there a way for me to get DCM 3.1?

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              I did a very extensive search for earlier SR300 DCM installers, but they seem to have been removed from the internet completely, making 3.3 the only option available for the SR300 DCM.

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                i have this exact issue and hardware.. seems windows doesnt like it now.