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    Standalone Intel Unite on HP Slice hub won't work over WiFi




      We have run into a problem with using Intel Unite on HP Slice for meeting rooms hub, specifically over wireless networks.

      It seems that we're not the first ones to encounter this problem but solution to this problem (if there is one) is only provided privately.


      We have eliminated the usual suspects:


      • Both the Hub and the Client are on the same wireless networks (same subnet)
      • Firewall has been disabled on both the Hub and the Client
      • The client cannot "find" the hub when both are connected to wireless (or if the hub is connected over wire but client is connected via wireless)
      • The client and hub both see each other using pings
      • Strangely enough, when connecting both the client and hub to mobile hotspot, the Unite solution works (client can connect to the hub)


      Now considering the solution works while both devices are connected to the mobile hotspot, it would appear that the problem is in the corporate network. We use Aruba wireless access points and we have tried creating new SSID's specifically for this purpose with default settings, changing frequency between 5GHz and 2.4GHz and the issue still persists.


      We would hope for a quick solution to this.


      Thank you in advance,


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