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    To get depth value from Realsense


      Hi all.


      Today, I tried getting depth data from RealSense depth image for estimating error range.

      I refer to this sample code  RealSense - Using LibRealSense and OpenCV to stream RGB and Depth Data | Intel® Software

      and added below code for save pixel data

          cv::FileStorage fs("data_capture.xml", cv::FileStorage::WRITE);

          fs << "depth" << ir ;

      finally got .xml file

      number of data is matched with number of pixels.

      but I printed contour graph using MATLAB but it got this one different from real scene


      So I searched and found out this documentation  and RSDataCollector.git

      RealSense - Getting started with the Depth Data provided by Intel® RealSense™ Technology | Intel® Software

      rssdk-capture-xdm/RSDataCollector.cpp at master · IntelRealSense/rssdk-capture-xdm · GitHub

      I think it can get depth value. however this script includes  pxcsensemanager.h in Realsense SDK

      It's not included librealsense.on Aero


      So I want to get depth data of each pixels without Realsense SDK

      please give me your help