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    Serverboard S5500BC restarting randomly


      I'm having issues with my configuration of an S5500BC, on the latest 64 BIOS, 32GB RDIMM (4x8), with 2x e5620 Xeons.


      The Chassis is a Intel SC5650BRP which has a 600w PSU installed.


      Randomly, the system will restart, it is running unRaid which is based on linux, but I am unable to capture a kernel panic, its almost as if someone has turned off the power then turned it back on. I have monitored this by setting up a webcam to watch the console output on the VGA screen. Sometimes it will run for a few hours, or a few days before rebooting, it doesn't seem to correlate to periods of high activity or usage on the system.


      The error manager in the BIOS is blank, I have not yet checked the SEL log.


      All the components test fine, I've ran tests on the memory and CPU's, the memory has actually been completely replaced with a different brand and the problem persists.


      I have seen a couple of other threads on here with similar issues, but ultimately, no solution.


      The board has come to me second hand so I don't know the history, its not impossible that it might just be failing given its age.


      Any thoughts?




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