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    realsense_sdk: Linking CXX executable rs_projection_tool error


      OS: Ubuntu 16.04...kernel downgraded to 4.4 for librealsense patch

      Dependencies: All installed successfully (or at least appeared to) per the web instructions; OpenCV 3.1 installed


      When compiling the realsense_sdk I get the following error message

      Error Message:


      [65%] Linking CXX executable rs_projection_tool

      ../../core/image/librealsense_image.so.0.7.2: undefined reference to 'cv::String::deallocate*()'

      ../../core/image/librealsense_image.so.0.7.2: undefined reference to 'cv::error(int, cv::String const&, char const*, char const*, int)'

      ../../core/image/librealsense_image.so.0.7.2: undefined reference to 'cv::String::allocate(unsigned long)'

      ../../core/image/librealsense_image.so.0.7.2: undefined reference to 'cv::applyColorMap(cv::_InputArray const&, cv::_OutputArray const&, int)'

      collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

      sdk/src/tools/projection_tool/CMakeFiles/rs_projection_tool.dir/build.make:128: recipe for target 'sdk/src/tools/projection_toolrs_projection_tool' failed

      make[2]: *** [sdk/src/tools/projection_tool/rs_projection_tool] Error 1

      CMakeFiles/Makefile2:666: recipe for target 'sdk/src/tools/projection_tool/CMakeFiles/rs_projection_tool.dir/all' failed

      make[1]: *** [sdk/src/tools/projection_tool/CMakeFiles/rs_projection_tool.dir/all] Error 2

      Makefile:127: recipe for target 'all' failed

      make: *** [all] Error 2


      I have researched many websites, cleaned and rebuilt versions, and tried many paths to resolve this but have not seen any posts with a similar issue. I noticed a librealsense 1.12 became available which was installed but the compile still seems to link with *.so.0.7.2

      Hopefully someone can point me to a resolution.


      Thank You.