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    Intel HD 5000 graphics driver reboots computer when I try to install it.


      This worked before, but stopped when I updated to Windows 10 Creators Update. My specs are a base model Mac mini Late 2014 but I put windows on it (that's an i5-4260U). All other drivers are installed and working.

      Here's what I've tried

      • Doing nothing and waiting for Windows to auto install drivers like it should
      • Installing through Intel's Driver Update Utility
      • Installing through a manually downloaded exe
      • Going into device manager and telling it to automatically find drivers
      • Going into Device Manager and telling it to manually find drivers from an Intel zip
      • Going into Device Manager and telling it to manually find drivers from the %temp% folder with the extraction from the Intel exe
      • Going into Device Manager and telling it to manually find drivers from a list
      • At least three different versions of the driver (last 4 digits of the version are 4501 4531 and 4624 according to list of drivers in Device Manager, don't know if those numbers mean anything)

      All on a clean install of Windows 10, checking the "winver" command just now it's version 1703 (build 15063.138). All drivers have the same symptom: they sit on the install screen for about a minute, blank the screen, and then it reboots (I hear the startup sound). There is one method that allows me to install the driver, and that is from a zip in safe mode (all I tested anyway, I reckon most other methods will work in Safe Mode and produce the same results), but that is useless because it just causes system recovery to come up when I reboot which tells me to system restore (I tried it once but it didn't work, now I just press cancel, options, startup options, safe mode, and reinstall the basic driver). Most reboots automatically rollback driver for me. The only driver that works is the Microsoft Basic Render Driver, which makes it so I can't play GPU accelerated games (I tried CS:GO and Minecraft, both crash with errors) which is obviously not ideal. I've also noticed blocky YouTube compression, but I'm not sure if that is the basic driver, the chip, YouTube, or Microsoft Edge, and it doesn't matter much anyway. Please help. I've tried everything. Sorry for the great wall of text.