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    NUC6i7KYK unable to update BIOS and/or drivers


      I am (no, not me - my NUC is...) unable to update the BIOS and unable to update drivers - funny thing.


      Trying to update the BIOS by using the kyskli70.86a.0046.eb.exe has the same result/behavior as trying to update it with the provided KY0046.bio (does not depend on the way I apply the KY0046.bio - doesn't work via F2 and the different update options within the BIOS GUI nor by copying it on a USB stick and using F7 at boot):

      System restarts, after approximately 5 seconds without showing any message restarts again into Windows - the BIOS remains in its old version 0036 from March 2016.


      Trying to update the INTEL drivers shows the same behavior (OS: Windows 10pro 64, build 1607) - again no difference between using the INTEL driver update utility or installing drivers one by one (using the drivers within the Intel-NUC-Kit-NUC6i7KYK_Win10-64_Drivers.20170412.zip):

      Using the utilitzy, it checks the drivers, lists the actual drivers versions and the available updated versions - when I start it, it shows the download procedure and the installation procedure as well, but afterwards the drivers are the same version as before.


      The mistake is sitting in front of the monitor, I'm sure, so please help me: What am I doing wrong?


      And please excuse my poor English (or have fun with it), I do know that I am specialized in wrong prepositions, wrong word order, wrong tenses, poor thesaurus, and heavy misspelling, of course. Be happy that you don't have to listen to my pronounciation...