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    NUC5i5RYH Win10 x64 audio problem


      When I am listening to music on iTunes or youtube, and I reload a webpage, I get a lot of distortion of the sound.  I am listening on headphones plugged into the 3.5mm audio jack.


      When the page finishes loading the distortion stops.  Happens the same whether using Chrome or Edge. 


      Other network access (like downloading a file using a powershell command) does not cause the issue.


      I have updated the BIOS to the latest available.  The audio device (Realtek High Definition Audio) reports that it has the most up to date driver.



      16GB Ram

      C: drive is Samsung 850 EVO SSD

      D: drive is 2TB Seagate HDD


      Any ideas what may be causing this?  Some interaction between audio and video when the page is being rendered perhaps?