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    Windows 10, H57 chipset, RAID 1 (C:) boot disk




      Currently my PC has Windows 10 Professional (32-bit). The motherboard has the H57 intel chipset.  I am using the intel RAID feature and the boot disk (C:) is a RAID with 2 identical disk. I am using RST version  This combination is not supported but has been working for sometime. One issue I have that may be associated to some RST bug is that renaiming a directory sometimes makes file explorer to hang.  I would like to change to a supported configuration but if possible I would like:


      - To keep Windows 10

      - Not to reinstall Windows/applications or perform a backup/restore

      - To keep a RAID 1 (C:) boot disk


      These is what I thinking that may work but since never have done I am not sure, and that is what I am checking here:


      1) Break the intel RAID 1 (from motherboad bios menu).  Though the function says I will lose the data I read somewhere that it is not really the case and I should continue to be able to boot from disk 1 without any problem after this.

      2) Uninstall RST software.  I am still keeping the motherboard configuration of SATA as RAID (rather than AHCI) but my understanding is that since at this point I don't have a raid volume I don't need the Intel RST sofware.

      3) Change the boot disk from Basic to Dynamic

      4) Format disk 2 (previously a mirror of disk 1, now a separate independent disk) as dynamic.

      6) Use Windows 10 mirroring to mirror disk 1 to disk 2 (now using Windows mirroring rather than Intel RAID/RST).


      Should this work or I am missing something?