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    Intel RealSense SR300 comparing detected face with a face from an external source


      I recently purchased the SR300 camera for a project I am working on. I need to save the recognized user in a database, so the app can load the data later for the camera to recognize the user as a registered user.  I downloaded a sample application from the Intel website that allows users to register/unregister and save the registerd users to a database. The application is supposed to load the database and compare the detected face with a face stored in the loaded database, all featues in the sample application works, it detects users and register the user, but it nevers recognizes the user if the user is loaded from the database. I made sure all the drivers are up to date, and my computer meets the requirements. I also tried keeping the user's data in memory, reinitializing the camera, and set the user's data back to RecognitionConfiguration , and it didn't work.  Can someone please help me?

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