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    Intel Nuc6i3SYH problem, BSOD all the time


      Hello, I have the problem with intel nuc, everything worked well since first BSOD.

      I ran memtest - broken ram, I replaced it (warranty), still BSOD, okay - maybe windows is broken after that, still nothing (sometimes I got BSOD when I tried to install (or only run windows installation) windows 10 from pendrive).

      I loaded default settings in bios and after that i replaced SSD to normal HDD - still having BSOD, I read something about "overvoltage" because of broken bios (<0042), my bios was 0057 (now 0059) so the last thing which can be broken is intel nuc - am I right or am I doing something wrong?

      I made Windows 10 install ~6 times (I used 3 different pendrives) (using MediaCreationTool downloaded from official windows site)


      BSOD: 0xc000021a, bad_pool_header, kernel security check failure


      I tested everything (ram, SSD) except intel nuc - if I am thinking right the only issue is the intel nuc and should I use the warranty?


      Ram: HyperX 2x8GB Impact Black CL13 1.2V

      SSD: Samsung SM951 256GB