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    Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 driver & program keep installing itself


      Hi there,


      This have been going on since a few  weeks now and kinda annoying, so hopefully someone here at Intel will be able to help.

      I have a Intel 6800 CPU which I have installed in my new Strix x-99 motherboard. I do not want or need to use the Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 driver nor program. I have even disabled that "unknown device" in device manager to avoid windows to install that driver in any update. Problem is, one day when booting my computer I had the TBMT all installed like if I did it myself, even showing in the Windows starting menu as "new installed program". The way I noticed the install is that a message pops up on my screen after the computer boots saying that TBMT crashed and need to close. So I close it, go uninstall it again, then reboot my machine and go to disable the "unknown device" again in device manager. Then, around a week after when booting my computer, same thing happens. TBMT shows all installed but crashing right away. I then have to repeat the uninstall process.


      This is getting quite annoying, so if there is another way to stop that TBMT from installing itself, please let me know.