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    AERO spare parts now available


      Spare parts for the Intel AERO Ready to Fly Drone are available on our partner’s website: http://us.yuneec.com/intelaerodroneparts


      Not all parts are currently in stock, but we hope to have all the parts in stock by the end of April.


      Note that Yuneec USA is prepared to ship to countries outside the USA

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          When is it possible to buy spare parts outside of US or at least with shipping to countries other than US?


          While both the development progress and the overall project with the Intel Aero drone was going very well we unfortunately had quite a dramatic crash today.
          Using just the PX4 controller, flying indoor in a Vicon (Mocap) equipped room with the settings enabled properly such that we were able to do Position hold and controlled movement with the drone. This has been working fine for weeks and today we simply had to grab some camera measurements while using the stabilized position.
          After taking off the yaw axis was moving slightly and the position lock was not as good as we have previously seen it. All of a sudden though the drone sky rockets into the ceiling where it sits for a few seconds while scraping the ceiling with the propellers, eventually causing them to break. With four broken propellers the drone hammers into the ground unfortunately landing straight on one of the arms.

          Luckily it seemed like only one arm, and just the carbon fiber arm, has been damaged. The motor seem to be working resonably (no noisy/scratching sound) and the rest of the frame and housing is intact.

          This leads me to the question of buying a replacement carbon fiber arm shipped to Denmark
          It looks like the following item is what we need but it seems like only shipping within the US is possible.

          This is of course very unfortunate for the project and might end up having dreadful consequences to our results as the project is set for a deadline within 2 weeks.

          Let me know which options we have?

          Regards Thomas

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            I had a hard landing that splintered one leg. After disassembly of the leg, I liberally applied cyanoacrylate (super glue) to the broken parts and pressed the carbon fiber part together between two plates in a vice to let the glue dry. It seems quite strong after drying. You may be able to use this method with the broken arm to get you through your project. Glue on some additional structure if needed for more strength.