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    "No signal" after Intel driver update via Windows update


      Hi there,


      I'm running a desktop computer with ASrock Z77 Pro4 mainboard and an Intel CPU with integrated graphics (i5-3470). I'm using an GTX 660 for gaming via displayport. Using 1 monitor, everything was working nicely. Running Windows 10, so far no issues.


      The day before yesterday Windows did an Intel driver update. After a reboot I see the BIOS/UEFI screen and the windows logo, but at the moment the login should be displayed, I get a "no signal" message from my monitor. I even hear the starting sound.


      As it turned out, I could connect my monitor via HDMI to the mainboard HDMI out using the Intel integrated graphics.


      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the nvidia drivers - no luck, don't get a windows screen from my dedicated graphics card.

      I tried removing the Intel graphics driver completely from Windows - no luck, Windows is still not using the nvidia card!


      Please provide me with a fixed driver so I can use my graphics card again!