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    Can sr300 work with i3-5005U?


      Hi everyone,


      I know that SR300 official minimum requirements are 6th generation


      i have a i3-5005U (5th generation) processor and i plan to buy a SR300 camera. I just wanted to know if anybody here has used some i3-5th generation with this camera. I've read some post about 5th gen. i7.


      Thank you,

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          Some 5th generation Intel Xeon Broadwell-E processors have worked with the SR300, probably because those enterprise chips were made around the same time as the 6th generation Skylake consumer chip.  Even then, it's 50-50 whether it works or not.  With a consumer Broadwell chip (non-E), it is likely even more of a gamble. 


          Here's what Intel support staffer Peter had to say about the subject of SR300's on Broadwell systems in a post last November.


          Re: DCM SR300 installer keeps failing at firmware step

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            Thank you so much for the information. I thought that 5th gen. had better support for sr300.

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              The F200 and R200 have a minimum of 4th gen, so are better for older machines.  The SR300's official minimum is 6th gen, though in practice - like running PC games on a machine below the minimum technical specs for that game - it is not an absolute rule but rather a strong guarantee of the camera working on a PC with a 6th gen processor.  Some people have got the SR300 working with 5th gen processors, but it is at your own rick if you purchase the SR300 for such a machine, as the chances of the camera working correctly with it are 50-50 at best.