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    How to improve real-time performance of i5 6440EQ?


      Hi guys we faced a problem. During the application of EtherCAT Bus TECH in 32-bit win8.1, we found that 6 Generation Skylake CPU (i5 6440EQ) showed very bad real-time behavior, under the premise that the behavior of 4 Generation Haswell CPU (i5 4570S) was much better. We tried many methods in BIOS such as disable C1E, Speed Step, Hyper-threading and some other USB options, however the results are still disappointing.

      Our suppliers suggested that maybe it was a good solution to get the real-time Pacth for PCH and integrated this block with BIOS. However, no documents were found about how to finish this job. Has Intel ever opened the access to real-time Pacth for PCH or were there any examples using this kind of method? And any suggestions to solve this problem? Thank you in advance!