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    I5 7500 crashing bios on b250m pro vdh? need help


      Built a new system and bios is crashing upon opening if i dont move the mouse within 3 seconds, and still crashes 10 seconds after. Have replaced the motherboard and have no other idea what the problem could be other than the cpu.




      CPU - i5 7500
      Mb - msi b250m pro vdh
      ram - corsair ddr4 2 x 4gb ram sticks 2666mhz

      275gb ssd
      gpu - rx480

      power supply - 550w bronze corsair cx550m




      will answer questions - have tried many things and would love suggestions :
      I've updated to .a20 bios

      upgraded bios and drivers on live updates 6
      reinstalled windows

      done my best to troubleshoot other parts and narrow it to mb or cpu and replaced mb so must be cpu issue?
      help plz thanks