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    [UPM] UPM hp20x library


      Hello everyone!


      I have bought a grove barometer (this one: Grove - Barometer (High-Accuracy) - Seeed Wiki) and I'm really interested in using the UPM library hp20x to use it.

      I tried the following git example : upm/hp20x.cxx at master · intel-iot-devkit/upm · GitHub.


      The build of this program doesn't work but I think I do it the wrong way, can you help me?


      I tried several commands as :

      - g++ test.cpp -lmraa -Wall

      - g++ test.cpp -lmraa -lupm -Wall

      - g++ test.cpp -lmraa -lupm-hp20x


      None of these works.... I get this error : "Couldn't find hp20x.hpp". I checked, and I have a hp20x.so in my /usr/lib directory!

      What can I do?


      Thank you for your help!