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    Blue screen and screen flickering after updating graphics driver


      im using dell xps 15 9550 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M



      after updating the graphics driver (GeForce graphics)recently, i have been having (video tdr failure) blue screen. also. screen keeps flickering when starting up the device from sleep mode.

      Black screen shows up when starting game in full screen mode. my computer was fine with current game setting before the driver update. ive tried driver rollback (GeForce  graphics driver) but same blue screen keeps showing up.


      Even though the issue happened after update on GeForce graphics driver, the bluescreen indicates that there are errors with the intel integrated graphics which is Intel HD Graphics 530. I have updated every (graphics)drivers provided by Dell, Intel, and NIVIDIA.


      Screen Flickering issue continues for about 1 min after start up.


      Should i wait for another driver update or is there any way to fix?