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    Can't set custom resolution to 4k 50Hz "Exceeds Bandwidth"


      I have an LG 27UD68P 4K display which supports 50Hz modes in HDMI (but not 4K) and I have it plugged in via DisplayPort from my i7 with Intel 520 graphics.


      4kp60 works fine but it doesn't provide an option for 4kp50, when I go to set Custom Resolution to 50Hz it says the resolution "exceeds the maximum bandwidth". But 50Hz is lower bandwidth than 60Hz so why would I get that message?


      I would accept a refusal based on the LG refusing to support 50Hz but I don't understand the message from the Intel graphics tool!


      Driver Version:

      OS: Windows 7 Enterprise

      Memory 16GB

      CPU: i7-6600U

      Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520

      VBIOS: 1043.16

      Current Resolution: 3840 x 2160

      Refresh Rate: 60Hz