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    NUC6CAYH video shuddering problem


      I have a NUC6CAYH for a couple of weeks, installed 4gb x 2 module RAM (they are same brand same model and listed in compatible rams given by Intel) + 120 gb SSD + Windows 10 pro.


      Even though I installed the last version of all drivers and bios, in 4k resolution all videos including even 1080p ones shudder a lot which is not convenient for watching the content. I use MPC-HC and k-lite codecs.


      I have tried different hardware acceleration types, also software decoding and changed even television settings, tried almost everything but no luck.


      In 1080p resolution, everything is just fine including 4k videos.


      It is very annoying, because I was waiting it for a long time for its 4k support, so your help will be very much appreciated.


      Many thanks,

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