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    how to stop IastorB.sys from installing


      Hi I have a PC that came with Intel Rapid Store Technology.  It came with an installed driver IastorA.sys which I assume is the driver for RST.  Lately the RST got upgraded to the professional version which required IastorB.sys and that got installed also.  Then the PC kept crashing with a BSOD DPC access Violation with the crash  pointing to IastorB.sys.  I did not install the professional version and through a lot of hard work I managed to delete this driver and reinstalled the non-professional version of RST.  After 2 weeks the PC crashed again.  Same problem.  IastorB.sys got installed again and caused the problems.


      My question is how do I stop iastorB.sys from installing itself.  Is there an installer for the non-professional version of RST out there that I can use?  How can I stop the upgrade to the professional version?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

      Suan Pin Foo