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    I need help troubleshooting


      Hi guys,


      So I have an issue on my hands here. I just bought a 7700k and msi z270 gaming m5 motherboard. For the first two weeks, everything worked flawlessly. Used XMP to OC my ram to 3000hz and overclocked my cpu to 4.8 at 1.25 volts without any issues. NOW, all of a sudden things aren't as blissful. NOW, I crash every time I'm in a game and blue screen from time to time when I try to play anything or doing something as simple as watching twitch. I've upped the voltage on my cpu to 1.30 and 1.31 and I still crash. 4.8 at those voltages pass an OCCT test for 10 hours. I just turned off XMP to see if that would do anything so that my ram speed was at the defaulted 2133 and I still crashed.


      4.8 on my cpu was very stable at 1.25 for two weeks and then it wasn't...it was also stable at 1.275 for a few weeks and then it wasn't. NOW, it crashes any time I overclock above 4.5 at any voltage. When I am within 4.2-4.5, I can seem to play without any crashes. I've gone as high as 1.37 volts at 4.8 and I still crash. What could be the problem here? Faulty CPU/mobo/ram?


      I even used the mobos gameboost option to OC to 4.8 at whatever volts it chooses(1.30) and it still crashes. I'm at a loss. I'm forced to game between the default/boost clock speed of the cpu which defeats the purpose of me getting the K version of the 7700. I need help.


      EVGA Gtx 1080
      MSI z270 gaming m5
      EVGA 750w P2 psu


      Where should I go from here?