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    How to make FM10420 work with Linux


      Hello FM10k experts,


      I need to make the FM10420 card work with Linux 4.4 and everything I tried failed.


      The card embeds a switch that apparently needs its own driver, which I found nowhere.

      According to DPDK website 5. FM10K Poll Mode Driver — Data Plane Development Kit 2.2.0 documentation "For the switch component another switch driver has to be loaded prior to to the FM10000 PMD driver. The switch driver can be acquired for Intel support or from the Match Interface project."


      I'm pretty sure I'm close with these:

      - the Focalpoint library seems to provide the API to configure the internal switch (inside FM10420): GitHub - andriymoroz/IES: Intel Ethernet Switch (IES) software

      - the matchd daemon seems to drive the internal switch via the above library: GitHub - monicashete/match: Match is a runtime interface for configuring and populating match-action tables in an underl…

      - the FM10K driver to be used seems to be the one from sourceforge, not the one in Linux kernel tree: https://netix.dl.sourceforge.net/project/e1000/fm10k%20stable/0.21.7/fm10k-0.21.7.tar.gz


      However, I'm unable to get the link up on the 2 external ports of the card.

      Matchd spits these errors:

      i2c error=230 (sw=0 devAddr 50)

      ERROR:matchd:fmPlatformPortInitialize:1691:Error setting port 1 into Ethernet mode AN-73!

      It is possible the transceiver / cable are not accepted - I tried Mellanox and Finisar.


      I'd be grateful if someone can shed some light how to debug and what should be the right way to set up this card.


      Thanks in advance,