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    Physical issues with new i7 7700k


      Just received my new i7 7700k from new egg on Friday. Upon receiving the chip i noticed the front has a vertical scuff down the front of it. It is not a scratch as I can't feel anything with my fingernail. Also, on the panel side, there are two area locations of faded panels. I have linked forum postings on the web of other people with the same issue with photos as the chip is in my computer.


      this first is of a scuff that looks identical to mine. There are marks on my new Intel processor. Manufacturing signs or simply used?


      The next is of faded panels. There are other people on the web with 'burned look' panels, this is not the same. These panels are just a slightly off faded color than the rest. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/703480-i7-4790-discoloration/


      the example picture is the blown up picture underneath the top 2. My chip has two locations about the same size as the example that are faded.  Several online friends who built their computers said a new processor should look brand new, all the panels glossy and shiny and if it looks used, it probably has been used.  Well with the scuff and the faded panels, it definitely looks used. All the packaging was correct and the side panel that opens up the box had the little adhesive tape flap that seals it. Do new processors boxes come with plastic wrap around them? because mine did not.


      The chip is performing just fine, userbenchmark.com says its in the top 30%. My temperatures are 4-5 degrees higher idle and 7-8 degrees higher gaming than my i7 4790k at the same voltage and clock speed. Maybe the scuff affects a good seal with my heatsink? I dont want these issues to affect the longevity of my chip or the perfomance/temps. Should I send it back to newegg for a replacement?


      thanks, Andrew

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          Hello andrewmorgan98,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          When you purchase an Intel® processor, this processor is suppose to come in blue box with the Intel logo and inside the processor in a plastic package.
          If you purchase this processor from Newegg and it looks for you that it has been unpackaged and used you can contact them and get a replacement for the unit if you don’t feel confident with this purchase; however, as described at the link you posted, Intel® boxed products are always new and any mark on the processor is a manufacturing sign.
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