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    How to upgrade the firmware for a number of camera?



           When installing the camera's driver(include the DCM), the installer detects the device's firmware and prompts for the upgrade. We just bought a number of cameras(SR300) and want to detection and upgrade the firmware of each camera. Our project needs to ensure that the firmware of each device is unified and is the latest version. The number of camera before is not too much, I repeatedly uninstall and reload the DCM to detect and upgrade each of them. But if there are 10 or more cameras, this method of repeated reload is too silly.

           Is there any independent program that can detect and upgrade the firmware of each camera?

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          You are not the first person I have heard from who wishes to upgrade the firmware only (not the entrie DCM) of a batch of SR300 cameras without having to do each one manually.


          RealSense's firmware update can be launched from a command line instruction.  So you could conceivably do it that way, by creating a batch processing script to launch the firmware on each of your machines (which I guess are on a network?).  The name of the file to launch to update an SR300's firmware is:




          This file is tricky to locate, as it is stored in the Windows system Temp folder and so seems to be given a unique directory location for each PC.  Perhaps you could move the exe file to a permanent location that is the same on each PC once you have located it.  The easiest way I found to find it was:


          STEP ONE

          Open the C: > Windows > Temp folder


          STEP TWO

          In the search box at the top of the folder window, type in the word plugins.  It will then find the plugins folder buried somewhere within the Temp structure that contains the RealSense update exe.



          Right-click on the plugins folder in the search results and select the 'Open folder location' menu option to go to the exact temp folder that the exe is in.



          STEP THREE

          When you find the Plugins folder, the exe is inside a sub-folder called FWUpdateSR300.

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            Thanks MartyG! Your answer is very helpful to me.

            I have found the "FWUpdateSR300.exe". But it is not under the path “C: > Windows > Temp”. I made a query on the entire C:\ drive and found it in "C:\ProgramData\Intel\Installer\rs_sdk_2014\cache\4f6dfe1e-80c5-11e6-b7da-2c44fd873b55\plugins\FWUpdateSR300" (it's wired...).

            Hopefully one day the upgrade program will be an easy-to-use SDK tool like the SDK Information Viewer or Camera Explorer, because upgrading the firmware is really important to the developer.

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              Glad you managed to find the file on your system.    And I think that just by writing about your wishes for the firmware upgrade method here, you are making the RealSense developers aware of it so that they can give it consideration for a future release.  Good luck!