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    what are PCIe cards Thunderbolt compatibility requirements?



      i hope to find here a solution. i am new to the Thunderbolt environment.

      We develop a product that communicate the with the PC (Windows) through PCIe GEN2 x4 lanes.

      our customers demands that we use a Thunderbolt interface instead. so yo verify that we bought the SONNET Echo Express SEI Thunderbolt 3 system- Sonnet - Echo Express SE I Thunderbolt 3 Edition PCIe Card Expansion System  in order to connect our product to a PC.

      When we connect our product to the PC , it works but when we try to use the Thunderbolt echo system the PC doesn’t recognize it (we don’t see it on the PC device manager).

      i assume that it is a driver missing or some handshake between the PCIe and the Thunderbolt device in the SONNET system issue.

      I saw that we need Thunderbolt compatibility such “the card driver must enable the correct card ID to be recognized over Thunderbolt”- how do we achieve that? What should we do?

      anyone have an idea?

      i updated the Windows updates, BIOS updates to latest.

      we use DELL T7810 PC.


      Thank you,