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    ES I7 QHQG


      Hello! I ordered on Ali 6700K and sent engineering processor QHQG L501C473, for instance, can the seller sell these processors? As far as I know this is confidential processors, without the right of sale and resale. According to the rules Ali, a seller sold me a product that cannot be sold? Thank you.


      Здравствуй! Я заказал на Али 6700K и послал инженерный процессор QHQG L501C473, скажем, может продавец продать эти процессоры? Насколько я знаю, что это конфиденциальная процессоры, без права продажи и перепродажи. Согласно правилам Али, продавец продал мне продукт, который не может быть продан? Спасибо.


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          Al Hill

          Please review this document regarding engineering samples:

          Information About Engineering Sample Processors



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            What to do now? Can I ask a refund from the seller? What would you recommend?

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              I would most certainly ask for refund


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                That is, the seller still breaks the rules, what sells your secret design and engineering products from Intel?

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                  Engineering Sample processors are not "secret", per se. They are early FAB samples given to vendors so that they may start their evaluation cycles. Because they are early FAB samples, however, they may (and likely do) have silicon-level errata and these errata could cause failures in normal operation. At the same time, Intel provides these samples for free.


                  The vendors who receive ES processor samples sign agreements saying they will return or destroy these samples. Regardless, every year, some of them (or their less-than-scrupulous employees) ignore this agreement and attempt to sell these processors.


                  Bottom line, you should demand your money back. If they do not, report everything you know about them to Intel.



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                    Thank you very much! Tomorrow the administration Aliexpress needs to connect to a solution to the dispute. I put the most evidence and the link you posted above, Al Hill. Let's see what the verdict will be reached by the administration

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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hello Roman_Kazachenko,
                      Intel® engineering sample processors, also known as Intel® Qualification Sample Processors, are pre-production processors loaned to Intel's Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). They are used in the product design cycle prior to product launch. Intel engineering sample processors are provided by Intel under nondisclosure and/or special loan agreement terms with restrictions on the recipient's handling and use. They are not for sale or resale and are the sole property of Intel.
                      If you purchased an ES processor, I’m sure the seller can reimburse it for you.
                      Best regards,