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    security issue?

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          Al Hill

          What is your point?


          Security Issue?  Nothing is secure.  You should immediately destroy all devices, i.e. phones, pads, notebooks, laptops, watches, clocks, PCs, mainframes, servers, radios, televisions, cable and satellite communications, hospital equipment, automobiles, airplanes, microwave ovens, etc. etc. etc.


          Get off the grid, start burning wood for heat, use candles for lighting, and grow your own food.


          Or, you can ignore the scholars that publish such papers, and endure the tech industry as it progresses.  You have more to risk by downloading papers and software and being on social networks than you have to worry about from silicon.


          All this is just my opinion, of course.



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            Intel Corporation
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            Thank you, Al Hill for your contribution and feedback.

            sims, The Intel® Processors come with a wide variety of technologies that help to prevent this kind of issues.

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