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    pentium g4560 T or no T for NAS?




      Im planning to build my own home NAS/Server. Im thinking about using a pentium G4560 or a simple i3 7x processor.. It depends on if I need to play 4k HDR HEVC 10bit x265 files or if my nvidia shield TV can handle it (Im still looking for this answer).


      From what I read the G4560 should have the hardware to play those files fine but the driver support is not yet working/released? am I right about this? if so then I will probably have to go with a i3 7x cpu instead which is double the price


      Anyway Im also wondering which is the best for a home built NAS that will be on 24/7. Should I go for the T versions of the pentium / i3 or the none T versions..? It seems logical to go with the lower TDP CPU's but everywhere I have googled on people building their own NAS devices seem to be using the none T versions.. So Im confused in which would be the best for me.


      Thank you!

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          Great support forum.. Maybe my question was very bad formulated. Will try again


          * For NAS servers is it best to use T CPU's for lower TDP .. ? I see most build recommendations for NAS is in fact just regular CPU's and not T versions.. Confused about this.


          * For playing HEVC x265 movies (in the future when it will be possible to rip your 4k HDR movies), does the G4560 work or do I have to go with i3 7x series CPU ..? I read about some problems with x265 on g4560 .. ?



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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello jamzz,
            Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
            First, we would like to apologize for the delay on our response.
            The difference between these two processors is that the processor with the T is to save power on your system; you can compare these two processors here:
            The regular CPU is most used because it able to support more work load but this also depends what you need the system for, the power and frequency is higher on the not T version.
            I have seen in other forums where they build the NAS system with the Intel® Pentium® Processor G4560 and this is because they have had good experience with this processor.

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              Thanks for your answer!

              I did actually see now in the comparison that there is 600mhz difference between the stock speeds of the cpu's..


              Is the G4560 fully supporting hardware decoding of HEVC 265 now or is the drivers not yet released? If so will it arrive in the near future or do I have to jump to a i3 for full support of that..?

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                Intel Corporation
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                Yes, this processor supports HEVC 265 and there is a driver version already released for this processor graphics, you can download it here when you need it:
                This driver is supported on Microsoft Windows® 10 64-bit only when using this 7th generation processor.