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    BIOS won't update on D850MV


      I have created a diskette with all the new BIOS files as instructed on the website but on re-booting the old BIOS is just followed by Windows XP and the diskette is ignored. I changed the settings in the old BIOS (allowed booting to USB and changed the booting priority to the floppy drive first), but it only resulted in failure to read the diskette and therefore update the BIOS.


      Somewhere on the Internet I read that Windows XP cannot make bootable diskettes - can it be that all the required files are there, but the diskette is not formatted as bootable? Or what else could be the problem?


      The target of updating the BIOS is to have USB-2 instead of USB-1.

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          I used to have two of these boards and they did not have the USB 2.0 controller, so you will need to check the technical specifications (http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d850mv/sb/a6514501.pdf) to determine location of the on-board controller and then compare that with your motherboards.


          As for updating your BIOS, Save the file to a temp directory and then run the *.exe to extract. Then use the Run.Bat to create the bootable floppy.  Make sure your floppy drive works and the floopy is indeed good.  Make sure that you are executing this from the command prompt and working in the temp directory where you stored the file.  The utility writes and image to the floopy so, it takes care of making it bootable.


          Let me know if you need more information,



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            Thank you Keith,



            I guess I did exactly as you advise: while in Windows XP I ran the Run.Bat and in the DOS window that popped up extracted the files onto the diskette in the external floppy drive. To be on the safe side I did it with 2 diskettes but with the same result: neither of them would boot. On rebooting the system the floppy drive goes into reading the diskette then after a while it stops and the only available option I am left with is power off.



            Is it possible that this method doesn’t work for my PC (the diskette remains unbootable) and I should try and prepare a bootable diskette in another way? Like, for example, create under Windows XP a bootable for DOS diskette and then manually add onto it (again under Windows XP) the files extracted from the Run.Bat? I’ve read on a Russian website that in this case it is advisable to delete the files AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS before updating the BIOS to avoid starting different drivers. Actually without the relevant background I am sort of afraid to immerse in risky experiments…




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              Guys, do you have any ideas?


              What would you say to a few of my own:


              1. I have to use an external floopy drive as the internal one is not OK (reads but won't write) while my PC wants to update the BIOS only from the internal floppy drive


              2. I should probably disconnect/remove all components not involved in the BIOS update process before rebooting to update the BIOS


              3. I should probably try and convert the IFlash diskette method to booting from a USB external hard drive (though diskette is the only media suggested for updating my BIOS). To try it I could copy the pre-extracted IFLASH.EXE and .BIO files from the diskette to a USB external hard drive and boot from the drive (and possibly destroy the mother board). The question is if these are the right files...